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Introducing DSConnect for your Desktop*

DSConnect screen

Desktop Link to DesignSoftOnline— Now you can add time to your DesignSoftOnline timesheet without opening your browser. DSConnect is a timesheet and stopwatch that resides on your Mac desktop so you can track time offline. All your entries are sync'ed with your online account, so whether you make them on your desktop or online, your timesheet looks the same.

Download for free!

And download the manual.

*Mac only

Introducing Mobile Time Entry

iphone screenMobile Time Entry Have you ever left a client meeting and wanted to enter your time before getting back to the office? Well, now you can add new projects and time entries to your time sheet using your mobile phone. Just navigate to:

on your phone, log in, start that new project and record that meeting, no matter where you are.

Please let us know if you are having any issues with your particular phone or account.

Important Usage Notes

Cookies, pop-ups, and javascript must be enabled in your browser for you to experience all the features of Creative Billing Online. Help movies

Turn off any auto-fill: ("Saved Forms" in FireFox) capability when using or you will experience "unpredicable results," especially when using the online stopwatch. Help movies

Back and forward arrows: Web-based programs cannot control your browser's back and forward buttons, and unfortunately, they can wreak havoc. Please, use only the buttons and menus in DesignSoft to navigate.

First Time Use

DesignSoft Creative Billing Online is driven by a powerful relational database. Therefore, some simple ‘relationships’ need to be set up between data in your business. To have enough to be able to start a project and make entries will you take under 30 minutes. Just use the Wizard as a guide (A check mark will appear next to completed items. You can edit the default settings to fit your business at any time.)
watch the movie Watch the Set-up movie


We have been passionate about the security of your data from the very start of development. The Creative Billing Online application and your data resides on a secure, dedicated host and is encrypted and backed-up hourly on an independent server, and then constantly "mirrored" at a completely different location. All network communications to and from the dedicated hosts are encrypted using industry-strength encryption methods and ciphers. The server is constantly monitored for attempts at unauthorized access. We are committed to keeping our security provisions at the highest level and welcome any questions you may have regarding the security of our site and your data.

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